The Best Places To Visit In Russia – Beautiful Cities, Lakes

The Best Places To Visit In Russia


Moscow is the capital of Russia, which is called the heart of Russia. The cities in Russia is one of the tourist attractions. At least 12 million people live here. The city has many museums, which are great places for tourists to spend time. There are many onion-shaped churches located here which create a captivating atmosphere in the air. There are statues of many leaders of the twentieth century. There are many aristocratic shopping malls, business venues, royal gardens and many more attractions. This place has become so famous for its very good geographical location in Moscow. The Best Places To Visit In Russia


Yekaterinburg is the capital of the Ural Region and one of the largest commercial cities in Russia. It is an attractive place for tourists. There are many museums, libraries, theatres and huge houses. The Janina Yama Complex and Association Charge are some of the famous sights here. The living conditions of the people living here are highly improved. Where the last king of Russia reigned. The place is so beautiful that it is one of the best places for tourists.


Sochi Hall is a tourist destination jetty located on the Black Sea. The weather on this beach is very nice. So this place is very popular among tourists. This is where the 2018 FIFA World Cup was held. And the 2014 Olympics. This place is also known as Winter Sports Destination. The city is always a combination of winter and summer.

Veliky Novgorod

Veliky Novgorod is said to be the birthplace of Russia. It is the oldest city in Russia. Among the famous sights are St. Sophia and the Bell Tower. Veliky Novgorod is a place where organic honey and borscht are available. This city was built in the tenth century.

Enigmatic Kazan

Enigmatic Kazan takes place in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many call it the third capital of Russia. Its captivating form attracts tourists from all over the world. Tourists must visit Enigmatic Kazan as soon as they arrive in Russia.

Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is the second-largest city in Russia, also known as the northern capital of Russia. Many people call it St. Petersburg. One of the most notable scenes here is the city boasts that have gained worldwide fame. The churches here have helped to fill the city. And there are many big shopping malls in this city.

The Golden Rings

The Golden Rings are located outside Moscow, which is a wonderful sight. City views are filled with cherry orchids, many cottages, small and large, located here. This is the oldest part of Russia. From here the whole city can be traditionally seen. Google


Irkutsk is an important city in Russia. From where many movements started. Irkutsk is a place where the jetty connects Russia and Siberia. Lake Baikal flows through the city. Many universities, churches, museums and many other famous things are present here. Tourists who visit this place are amazed to see this place. The city has a very small population. Most houses are made of wood. People of many nations live here.

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