St. Paul’s Cathedral – The Famous Church In The London

St. Paul’s Cathedral – The Famous Church In The London


The most important church in the UK and St. Paul’s Cathedral is also one of the largest ones in Europe. With its easily recognizable dome, this beautiful white church has been dominating London’s skyline for over three centuries. St. Paul’s Cathedral

The seat of the Bishop of London, St. Paul’s was erected on the site of a Roman temple. The church was built in 1711, after the Great Fire which burnt down a large part of the City of London in 1666. The building features two Baroque towers and a 365 feet high dome. Until the ’60s this church was the tallest building in the city. Google

Today, visitors can explore the opulent interior of this massive cathedral and admire the breathtaking frescoes and many statues. However, the most interesting part of the cathedral is the Whispering Gallery. This gallery is 100 feet high, around the dome, and it is famous thanks to its remarkable acoustics. While standing in the gallery, you can hear a whisper from across the dome which is 112 feet in diameter. From up there, visitors get a beautiful birds-eye view over the cathedral and admire the frescoes which cover the dome’s walls. Above the Whispering Gallery, there are two more galleries one of which runs outside the dome. From there, visitors are rewarded with unbelievable views over the city. St. Paul’s Cathedral

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St. Paul’s Cathedral is the resting place for a number of important people, including the architect who built this architectural wonder, Christopher Wren, but Lord Nelson and the Duke of Wellington as well. In fact, tourists can explore the cathedral’s crypt where there are housed many tombs of important people, including artists Turner, Constable and Reynolds.