The Best Places To Visit In Thailand – The Most Beautiful Countries In The World

The Best Places To Visit In Thailand – The Most Beautiful Countries In The World

Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Where the beautiful scenery of nature is present. It is one of the favourite places for tourists. The fascinating natural beauty of Thailand.


The Best Places To Visit

Bangkok is one of the most famous places in Thailand and the capital of this country is Bangkok. There are many reasons why this place is famous. This country is so famous for its foreign trade. Many famous shopping malls, restaurants, hotels are located here. The Best Places To Visit

Smiling Iceland

Smiling Iceland is an island in the Andamans. Increased attraction of clear blue water. Tourists enjoy boating in this blue sea. There are no such rules for running aboard. When the water level rises, boating is stopped here. White sand beaches can be noticed here

Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay Marine National Park is a unique site. Green water can be seen here. One of the features of The Bey’s is the limestone

Ching Mai

The Best Places To Visit

Ching Mai is the second-largest city in Thailand. There are many temples located in this city, so many people call this city the city of temples. There are many shopping malls located in this city, it is a shopping mall destination for tourists. There are many museums here which are one of the attractions for tourists

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Erawan Falls

Erawan Falls is a part of Erawan National Park. Which covers 550 square kilometres. Where seven small waterfalls come together. It is located north of Kanchanaburi town.

Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai National Park is a national park located 3 hours away from the bank. This national park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the third-largest national park in Thailand.

Thi Lo Su Waterfalls

Thi Lo Su Waterfalls It is the largest and highest waterfall in Thailand. Located on the Mae Klong River. From Park Headquarters. Google